"Gerry" (2002)

Director: Gus van Sant. Writing credits: Gus van Sant, Casey Affleck, Matt Damon. Producers: Dany Wolf, Jay Hernandez. Cinematography: Harris Savides. Film editing: Gus van Sant, Casey Affleck, Matt Damon. Music: Arvo Pärt. Cast: Casey Affleck (Gerry), Matt Damon (Gerry). 35 mm, aspect ratio: 2,35:1, 103 min (DVD approx. 98 min), color. Company: Altara Films / International Traders /
Epsilon Motion Pictures / My Cactus, USA–Argentina–Jordan, 2002. Première: 12 Jan 2002, Sundance Film Festival.

Two late-adolescent boys, each calling the other Gerry, embark on a nature trail in the desert, step aside and get lost. At first, their confidence and humour propel them forward, but, being part of a video/computer games and TV generation, apparently thinking they can plunge into this real life adventure and find the necessary resources along the way, they soon realise they have no water, no food, no other supplies (e.g., a cell phone, compass, or protection from the desert sun). As they wander through landscapes of austere beauty and hours turn into days, the seriousness of their situation kicks in. They wander and halt repeatedly, attempting at intervals to rethink their course. They light fires, climb rocks, commiserate, dehydrate, and hallucinate. One of them finally finds a way back to civilization, after having
freed himself from the other.