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The Face of the Unknown

PETER QUANTRILL | The Gramophone

Despite an outpouring of musical offerings, including most recently his long-awaited Fourth Symphony, Estonian composer Arvo Pärt remains, in his 75th years, as much of an enigma as ever, finds Peter Quantrill.

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The Sound of Spirit

By ARTHUR LUBOW | The New York TImes Magazine

Emigrating from the Soviet Union to the West in January 1980 with his wife, Nora, and their two small sons, the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt was stopped by border police at the Brest railroad station for a luggage search.

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Papal Address at Concert in His Honor

BENEDICTUS XVI | translation of the address, given during a concert held in his honor in Paul VI Hall, Vatican City


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Arvo Pärt: "I suppose secretly we love one another. It is very beautiful."

SIIM NESTOR | Eesti Ekspress

How is Arvo Pärt's music seen in the world of popular music? Siim Nestor’s interview with the composer on his 75th birthday on 11 September

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For the performer


The confrontation with Pärt’s music can be compared to making an oath of disclosure.

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