Concert of Pärt's Works by Student Performers

Concert of works by Arvo Pärt by pupils of VHK school

The Arvo Pärt Centre and the VHK (Vanalinna Hariduskolleegium) Music School are working together to put on a concert of works by Arvo Pärt on 4 June at 5.00pm in Swedish St Michael’s church (Rüütli 7/9).

Young generations of musicians are often shaped by the words of their teachers, their ability to inspire and set an example.  The VHK Music School aims to instil in children a love of music through their learning, to help them find a means of self-expression through music, and to let them experience the joy of success.

After a lot of work, a moving and individual type of concert has been planned, which will feature the girls choir of the VHK Music School, the St Michael’s boys choir and a joint performance by the musicians and soloists of the VHK music school, children from the kindergarten and teachers. Preparing for the concert was a great and exciting challenge for the young musicians and their teachers and for the composer himself, who participated in teaching the young performers.

The concert is only of works by Arvo Pärt and will feature 18 pieces, some of which were created in the composer’s youth specifically for children, while other works are from the international repertoire for adult choirs, ensembles and soloists. Young musicians will play piano, flute, guitar, cello, zither and organ, and the girls choir will be led by Maarja Soone while the boys choir trained by Kadri Hunt will be conducted by Mikk Üleoja. The composer himself will make an appearance at the piano for the piece Vater Unser.

Videos recordings made during the preparations and rehearsals for the concert, and the recording of the concert itself will be kept in the archives of the Arvo Pärt Centre.

Entrance to the concert is free for all.

We would like to thank our main sponsor Swedbank, the staff and pupils of The Vanalinna Hariduskolleegium Music School, the Swedish St Michael’s Church, and everyone connected with the project.

The ability to notice things is a sign of wisdom. So is the ability to listen and to hear. To be able to differentiate between the important and the unimportant, be the difference large or small, obvious or barely discernible, this is the key.”

/Piano teacher Ille Martin to the 17-year-old school leaver Arvo Pärt/

The words of piano teacher Ille Martini have followed the composer all his life. In the radio broadcast for his 70th birthday, Arvo Pärt told presenter Immo Mihkelson that:
I didn’t understand anything of what she wrote for me in there. I read it and it sort of went straight past me. I felt that she was writing from the heart and... wishing me well for the future, but the secret, really I understood that only 20 or 25 years later".